Street Art

“Street Art” is a different kind of art movement. Unlike traditional art, “Street Art” has a special heritage of crafts and culture. We can convey the message to everyone in everywhere. We hope by designing these graffiti dial designs, doing something energetic and positive about the street art culture, people would appreciate our effort and support this concept. We are hoping to promote the graffiti artwork to the world by displaying AUTOLOGICO on your hands.


3D Printing Technology

AUTOLOGICO adopted the 3D printing technology to create the complex, detailed graffiti graphics and the company’s logo on every single dial. This is to ensure all our watches that the backers receive will come to life with outstanding quality.









Message from Mr. Lucio Fedele, Director

AUTOLOGICO Watch Collections are for thepeople who do not follow trends, but rather set them and are always one step ahead of the times; people who takes their inspiration from innovative art forms, such as STREET ART, who lead the way in the everyday reality of our existence and being and set the pace for the future. Graffiti is a way for artists to express their opinions and their creativity. It gives life to blank walls which act as a platform to exhibit the concept of an open-air gallery of culture. Street Art is only displayed on the walls, it’s hard to spread around the world, so I wanted to share the art with you by AUTOLOGICO. I hope you will support our project. 

Risks and Challenges

We are aware that our Graffiti watch with a complicated production process may have unforeseen issues, but we have well planned for each production step and delivery plan. We spent over 2 years designing, developing, samples approved and quality tested. We are very confident in our supply chain, which consists of very professional and skillful manufacturers, and we do not expect any delays to our timeline. We're going to keep our backers informed during the production process. We'll do this with regular updates and sharing pictures as often as possible, if the unexpected happens, we will keep you well informed. 

Thank you for your support.